This year’s edition of the Web3 Summit was packed with top notch talks, with a big focus on DAOs, privacy, as well as the social and economic aspects of the Web 3.0 revolution. We also received some powerful reminders about the common mission we are all pursuing. Our team, like many other participants, was incredibly inspired by the talks of Edward Snowden and Richard Stallman who can be considered as ideological thought leaders for the decentralized ecosystem.

To our liking, DAOs were a definite hot topic of the summit. Luis Cuende, the founder of the Aragon project and CEO of Aragon One, took the stage for the opening talk held on the first day of the summit, where he talked about the value of creating manifesto-based decentralized organizations. During the following DAO Panel, the participants - Luis, Mariano Conti from MakerDAO, Cassandra Shi from MolochDAO, Shaun Djie from DigiXDAO, and moderator Santiago Siri from Democracy Earth - discussed the challenges such as participation rates, vote delegation, scalability, issues of identity or even “rage quitting” a DAO.

In addition to these talks and panels, Autark also had a contribution to the event: a DAO demo. We executed a live vote with the audience using the mobile friendly version of the Dot Voting app that our team has built on Aragon.

Yalda presenting a the first live DAO demo using the Dot Voting App on Aragon.

Dot Voting, also known as dotmocracy, is a form of cumulative voting and a simple method for prioritizing a long list of options. Within the context of our app, participants can vote on how to distribute an allocation across distinct entities or prioritize a list of issues by specifying a percentage of votes per option.

During the DAO Demo, Autark’s founder Yalda Mousavina chose a simple use case for the Dot Voting app that would allow the Web3 Summit audience to get involved and vote directly on their mobile phones. She created a new vote asking the participants to decide whose viewpoints on the previous DAO Panel they aligned with the most. In order to be able to take part in the live vote, the audience had to complete a couple of preparation steps beforehand - namely, submit to us a Rinkeby Ethereum address connected to a wallet that they had handy in order to receive a participation token. The vote was open for 5 minutes. Overall, we were very happy with the process and the participation of 38.88% of the newly minted token holders, given the fact that this was one of the earliest DAO votes taking place live and during a conference with hundreds of people watching.

Here are the final results of the vote - congratulations to Cassandra Shi for taking the crown as the best DAO panelist! Big thanks to all those who participated in the our DAO vote!

You can find out more about the Dot Voting app and other apps we developed on Aragon on our website. In case of any questions or feedback, feel free to join our community channel on Keybase and ask anything!