On Saturday 27th of July, concluding the 48 hour voting period of the Aragon Network Vote #3, Autark’s proposal was approved among seven other AGPs. As a result, our team secured another round of funding of ~$1.6m USD to continue building the Aragon ecosystem. We are beyond excited to continue on our journey of creating decentralized governance tools and applications powering DAOs globally.

The subject of the vote was the AGP-73 proposal outlining our product vision and concrete plans for the year to come. Its focus was application heavy, user-oriented and listed our initiatives aimed at providing DAOs with increased project and financial planning capabilities, more visibility into organization actions, and robustness in data storage. We also laid down our plans to use Open Enterprise externally, in order to operate a strategic DAO tasked with generating revenue and strengthening the sustainability of the Aragon Network. You can check the summary of our AGP-73 proposal here, or access the entire document here.

You can find out more about other AGPs and voting results in this blog post. Moreover, in order to gather feedback and improve the upcoming Aragon network voting procedures, the Aragon One team has prepared a survey for all participants.

Thank you very much for the continuous support to our team, especially to those who took time to review, provide feedback, contribute and vote on our proposal. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you about the open roles at Autark and invite you to join our team! In case you are interested in finding out more about our work to power decentralized organizing, join our community chat here and get involved.