We first launched Open Enterprise to Rinkeby in April, and have undergone many enhancements and a security audit since then. Today we announced our second Rinkeby release, to be imminently followed by a Mainnet release.

Autark is working on the future of collaboration, in line with a major ongoing trend towards more granular, independent, and self-organized online communities that favor built-in direct monetization and innovative governance models. We’re excited about the idea of experimenting with DAOs (and the tools we have built) to make our internal operations more community-driven, and would like to invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

On that note, we are running a bounty program that kicks off today! We have allocated up to 7300 ANT (~5000 USD worth as of today) to this program, where nearly 60% of these funds will be rewarded for bug spotting, and the remaining for bug fixing, documentation help, and user feedback. Participants can become some of the first members of our DAO-in-the-making, while test-driving the power of the Aragon platform in the process.

Let the games begin!

First, join our community on Keybase, which is the tool we use to chat, and let us know you’re interested in being part of the program.

Next, the easiest way to test our apps is to follow the test script documentation.

An Autark DAO will be created on the Rinkeby network once a first wave of bugs are released as bounties. Since the DAO is on Rinkeby, the ANT will be in the form of testnet funds. We will award the real ANT in two phases (October 31st and November 7th), in accordance to how many testnet funds you’ve accrued in this program. If you are awarded ANT on October 31st, you will also be able to participate in the next Aragon Network Vote which starts that day! Yay!

Initial program budget

We have prepared ANT rewards for anyone who decides to help out and will test our apps. We will be awarding ANT based on the 4 different sections of the test script. Multiple awards can be received per app or browser tested, as in the example below:

  • Address Book: 25 ANT per browser
  • Projects/Dot Voting: 50 ANT per browser
  • Allocations/Dot Voting: 50 ANT per browser
  • Rewards: 25 ANT per browser

In this way you can just decide to test one of the apps and still participate without committing to the entire script.

Bug spotting and squashing

To report a bug, create a ticket in GitHub in the open-enterprise repo and describe the steps to reproduce and any screenshots. We are especially interested in bugs where action panels don't open or critical parts of the UI aren't visible or functional.

  • In your bug report, describe the steps to reproduce and any screenshots.
  • Be sure to include the browser and other operating system details.
  • Please search the Github issues before logging any new bugs!

If you get an "Action Impossible" warning during some of your testing, we recommend sharing it in the #dao channel in our Keybase chat, as it may not be a bug but instead a permissions issue.

Fixing bugs

If you want to work on fixing the bug straight away, share the URL to the GitHub issue in the same chat, with a proposed bounty price in ANT and estimated completion time and we’ll take it to internal review. We may either approve the request, reject it, or counter-offer with a different price. Nevertheless, we will set the bounty up in the Projects app we developed, with the internally agreed upon rate.

Other contributions

You can contribute in other ways such as helping improve our guides or providing general product feedback. Just let us know what you're thinking!

The future of this DAO

To make this a real DAO though, we will eventually be minting a proportional amount of reputation tokens for each contributor that got awarded ANT during this program. We have so many ideas to explore, and we hope that you will choose to collaborate with us and join our Keybase chat to stay up to date with this program.

We will publish more details in the near future about taking this DAO to the next level and other experiments we have in store.

Thank you and we look forward to collaborating!