After participating in the Aragon community as individuals since April 2018, a group of us formed Autark. Autark’s mission is to build coordination tools for digital cooperatives and we have been core contributors to Aragon. At the invitation of Luis Cuende, co-founder of Aragon, we put together a grant proposal for the first Aragon Network Vote in January 2019.

The first vote resulted in the awarding of the AGP-19 grant to Autark which received 54% approval from Aragon Network Token (ANT) holders. After successful completion of the AGP-19 grant, Autark was awarded a second Aragon grant, the AGP-73 grant, which received 99.9% voting approval. The Aragon Association paid Autark for all of its services for the AGP-19 grant and paid for the AGP-73 grant through November 2019.

In January 2020, the Aragon Association, for no reason, stopped payments and tried to terminate the AGP-73 grant which was an agreed-contract, voted on and approved by the community, and supposed to last through August 2020. At the moment, Autark’s November 2019 and February 2020 disbursements from AGP-73 remain unpaid, in addition to ANT incentives that were to vest as part of AGP-19.

It was not the Aragon community that tried to terminate the AGP-73 grant, but Luis and Jorge themselves, who are the board of directors of the Aragon Association (the entity bestowed with the Aragon community’s funds to represent the community’s vision).

As a result, Autark has been involved, through our lawyers, since January 2020, in good faith settlement negotiations with the Aragon Association. Except last week, without notice to Autark and in the middle of negotiations, the Aragon Association filed a baseless legal action in Switzerland against Autark LLC, a US company, apparently trying to continue to not pay Autark for Autark’s services to the community and to try to find some support for Luis and Jorge’s attempt to terminate the AGP-73 grant “on behalf of the community” but without notice to the community.

What Luis and Jorge are doing– without the participation of the community and in violation of the Aragon Manifesto and the entire concept of DAOs– has left Autark deeply perplexed.

Also separately, Autark applied for Aragon’s publicly announced App Mining Program which is meant to financially incentivize Aragon app development by allocating ANT rewards based on usage metrics. Autark never received a follow up or a response about our submissions. Instead, Autark has discovered that Aragon One AG, Luis and Jorge’s for-profit company, are attempting to claim nearly 90% of the ANT from this community funding program and have been ignoring the community’s diligence on this topic since May 9th, 2020.

At the same time, they have dissolved all other public grant programs (Flock, Nest, AGPs) while unilaterally awarding recurring grants from the Aragon Association to Aragon One regardless of conflict of interest declarations.

Luis and Jorge are now solely "managing" the funds raised for Aragon in its 2017 ICO, which is apparently valued at more than $20 million. At this point in time, there are no third-party directors on the Aragon Association’s board and there is no published timeline for when ANT holders will have governance rights again, like we had in 2019.

Is the Aragon community fully aware of what is happening?

As strong believers in the Aragon Manifesto, we believe it is necessary to inform community members and token holders of what we are seeing.

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