This is a progress report for the close-out of Autark and Open Work Labs' work on AGP-19 and the kick-off of our recently awarded AGP-73 grant.

AGP-19 Close-out

This section includes a final update for our AGP-19 initiatives. Review our July 2019 report for all of the previous updates.

I01 - Cross-Application User Experience

In August we finalized the requested changes to the forwarder API, and finished the initial changes to the metadata API. We also integrated the forwarder API changes into the Allocations and Dot Voting apps. The only remaining work is dependent on pull request reviews & comment resolutions.

In the longer term, we look forward to leveraging the forwarder and metadata API changes to provide robust user information in an increasing number of Aragon applications, but this initial integration concludes the cross application UX initiative for AGP-19.

I02 - Contextual Discussions

We fine-tuned our work on Discussions and have published two staging packages so Discussions can be integrated with Dot Voting ( and When a DAO includes both of these apps, the Dot Voting app will support commenting. Check out the preview here by clicking on one of the dot votes and adding a comment to the vote.

Let us know what you think of this feature and if you’d like to see it in the Aragon Voting app.

Whenever we launch Open Enterprise, Dot Voting will be revamped into using the Aragon Design System and we will be offering users the option to enable a discussions module. As we have only published these packages to "staging" now, we do not recommend using them in any production DAOs. Before we go fully live with it, it requires our aragon.js work for the forwarder API to be merged.

The Expanding Social initiative in AGP-73 includes continuing our work on discussions.

I03 - Rich User Profiles

This was marked as concluded in our July 2019 report.  The Expanding Social initiative in AGP-73 includes continuing our work on profiles.

I04 - Expanding Governance

Our work on this initiative is being audited this month and we plan to ship it with the launch of Open Enterprise. This includes an alternative Open Enterprise template that is integrated with a custom token manager that can whitelist addresses to be able to transfer tokens which are non-transferable (so for example, you can whitelist your Projects app to be able to send the token).

I05 - Data Storage and Standards

This was marked as concluded in our July 2019 report.  The Facilitating Smart Contract IPFS Pinning Initiative from AGP-73 includes continuing this work.

I06 - Organization Identity

In August, we completed the frontend development of an enhanced Organization Settings interface (currently the “Organization” section of the client) which will allow an organization to have a name, avatar, token mappings, customized accent colors and a few other customizations. The remaining pieces are integrating the front-end to a storage layer (which is being developed as part of AGP-73), and we also need to have reviews with Aragon One. But at the very least, are aiming to have the front-end integrated with the new storage solution by the end of October. Since this initiative ultimately requires changes to the client, we are unsure how long it will take to get it fully reviewed and shipped, but we are hoping it will happen before the end of the year.

I07 - Rewards Application and Open Enterprise

This was marked as concluded in our July 2019 report.  The Maintaining Open Enterprise Initiative from AGP-73 includes continuing this work. Read more in the next section.

AGP-73 Kick-off

Product Initiatives

We kicked off the AGP-73 work in August and have primarily been focusing on two initiatives:

I01 - Maintaining Open Enterprise

The contracts for the Open Enterprise apps were all audited and we have addressed the feedback, now we are awaiting review of our reworks. We are about halfway done with the aragonDS (Aragon Design System) and web3 upgrades. This month we will be getting the Open Enterprise templates audited.

Some of the driving factors that will determine our ultimate mainnet launch date are a few aragon.js pull requests that are still pending approval - which would improve the cross app UX of Open Enterprise users, in addition to integrating the Address Book with IdentityProvider – which is just beginning development this month.

I08 - Facilitating Smart Contract Based IPFS Storage

The basic infrastructure allowing an organization to have its own data store is currently under development. Some initial ground work is almost ready to get pulled into the Aragon client!

Additionally, we’ve started building an Ethereum event listening server to pin data to a chosen IPFS provider based on Ethereum event logs:


In addition to the two initiatives above, our top product priorities for the next three months include the following initiatives:

  • I02- Expanding Projects
  • I03 - Expanding Finance
  • I04 - Expanding Social

By mid-October we plan to have a more detailed product roadmap for AGP-73 with estimated timelines.

Community Initiatives

I09 - Strengthening Network Sustainability

In October, we will start the initial planning work around this initiative. Stay tuned!

I10 - Driving Ecosystem Development

We have started to interview some very interesting people for our blog and will be publishing the articles in the coming weeks - stay tuned :). Additionally, we are starting to talk to organizations about collaborating on a hackathon in November. Let us know if you want to get involved by filling out this form.

I12 - Facilitating Developer Support

We started our biweekly dev AMA series last week: you can now schedule an appointment for live help developing an Aragon app or launching a customized DAO.

I13 - Reinforcing User Research Efforts

We are designing a usability study for Open Enterprise that will take place at Devcon in Osaka. Let us know if you want to participate by filling out this form.

Spending Report

Aug 1, 2019 — Sep 15, 2019

Previous Balance

  • USD: 26,728
  • EUR: 9,472 (10,617 USD)
  • ETH: 1.725 (389 USD)

Total: $37,734 USD


  • 400,000 DAI - 25% of AGP-73 grant


  • Payroll: $128,245 USD - Includes 3 pay periods
  • General Expenses: $32,936 USD - Includes conferences, travel, offsite, legal retainer, transaction fees, and other misc expenses

Total: $161,181 USD

Monthly burn: $80,591 USD

Current Balance

  • USD: 119,265 USD
  • EUR: 31 (35 USD)
  • DAI: 157,253  (157,253 USD)

Total: $276,553 USD

Note: I have simplified how this spending section is formatted and rolled up, to save time in the production of these reports.

Going forward, we will be changing our reporting practices from monthly to quarterly progress reports, which will be complemented by product announcements when we fully ship core deliverables.